New here. Help!

So I learned about this game from a K-drama and thought I’d try it cuz I like chess and how different could it be? Pfft! I know absolutely nothing. I just watched a couple of videos explaining the rules but I’m garbage. I did play a couple of games a couple months but had to quit cuz of school. Now I need help. Anyone at all willing to play a slightly long, instructional game or two a day. I’d really appreciate it. If there is a DM function in this website, please DM me. Thanks in advance :pray:


You are probably after live teaching games. In case you are also OK with correspondence I’ll send you a challenge. Just decline if you are only after live.


Welcome, starting to play go is easy for the rules but quite hard to get some theory on where and how to play.
There isn’t much to tell you and a small search around will procure already far too many advices. There are a bunch of tutorials (for a start you can look inside the “other resources” page here).

So the first steps are on your own in the cloud, check your liberties, your connections, use the edge and no worry, be brave and patient it will disappear. For most it takes some dozens of games to have useful exchanges with ppl stronger. Some say it’s because you need to see at first, before even thinking. So

No you’re not garbage, just a beginner. Video didn’t help, that’s normal. A couple of games? Surely not enough yet.

Two very basic advices:

1 try to win means try to play the biggest at each move you play (have a global view)
2 Don’t try to capture unless you are sure you can . Try to threaten to capture which works better and check that you can’t be captured youself.

The best is to play whatever may be your understanding, and play with other beginners is fun to share first experiences. Play many quick games of different sizes.

_Have fun!



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Thanks. I’d love that

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Alright. I’ll try my best. I can’t think ahead at all. Not like I would with chess where the pieces are already laid out for me and I can start planning from the start. Go seems to have infinitely many moves and no way of guessing that the opponent would do. I hope it’s a matter of practice and that I’ll get better. Thanks for the advice and the words is encouragement

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What K-Drama were you watching?

That’s normal and I m afraid that any attempt to help could lead to some over heat of brain.

Why it is difficult and why you ll have to trust your intuition (usually the best thing a beginner possess) and use your reading (the worst yet)

It’s an optimization game on things you need to experiment. Not too near nor too far. Not too low not too high. Etc…
When you will try to build secure areas (and to optimize their size), you cannot play just like a construction game. Your best and unavoidable tool is the life or death of the groups of stones; and more by threats as by effective capture. But as usually beginners forget it’s only a tool, killing is not the goal.

If i try to capture something it will prove after experiencing that this is quite hard. Even more instead of capturing you i may finish to be myself captured. Now if you let me play twice without answering then things become more reasonable. If you answer and i can build something from my move even if i don’t capture it’s positive. See what i mean by threat and tool?

Just play and come back later lol


I’ve sent a challenge too, feel free to decline.