New Leela Version has arrived :)

Can somebody analyze this Leela Version, which is released during this month? Is it many stones stronger than previos program?

This New Leela has had many improvements :)…

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Leela 10.0 isn’t on the Computer Go Server yet, but Leela 10.0 beta 3 played there with a rating of 3508. Leela 9.0 had a rating of 3373. So you can see that 10.0 is a little stronger. The difference in Elo should be something like half a stone.

it seems interesting. I am letting CrazyStone DeepMind playing vs Leela 10 - 30 min on the clock… but something is strange. Lella plays white, says she is ahead with 60% win rate, while Crazy Stone with black says, he is ahead with ~2-3 pts… :slight_smile:
I am really curious how that match will turn out in the end

I believe the commercial version of Crazystone Deep Learning only has a policy network, while the Leela 0.10 has both policy and value network. Leela should have a significant advantage.

The server version of CrazyStone has a value net. We’ll see when it gets released commercially.

Leela v. 0.11.0 and Leela Zero v. 0.1 are now available :slight_smile: