New look needs small adjustments :)

Great new look to the player name/timer section on the game pages :slight_smile: Nice job.
One little thing I noticed that you might address.
Stones placed on the top/bottom/sides seem to touch the black background on the edges. It feels like I’m being squeezed a little. Maybe there could be some clearance added? So there’s some goban showing? I hope this makes sense. When the coordinates are shown this does not apply. Thanks.


It would be nice if we could minimize the large username/icon/score box. On tablet platforms, it is difficult to see move tree/comments/chat.


Yeah, the new huge username/icon/score box is taking a lot more screen real estate than needed: it hides a lot of the much more useful (Malkovitch) text from the comment box.

I thing that the previous username boxes were perfectly fine (I vastly prefer them to the new, mostly empty boxes).

I like it, though it took a day or two to get used to. And since I (virtually) only play on OGS, I’ve gotten used to “x1 byo-yomi” meaning I can run out of byo-yomi once more. :slight_smile: I’ll have to get used to the new counting of byo-yomi now. :slight_smile: Still, probably for the best in the long run.

Maybe we are not seeing the same thing on our screen? I can’t fathom how the new empty space I see now can be better than informative (Malkovich) text. Here is what I see:

The wasted space feels impossible to justify, in this screenshot, and I am sorely missing the space we had for chat/Malkovich.

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I see the names next to eachother, not on top of eachother.

Interesting. Now I see that the username boxes are fine on Google Chrome (OS X), with some space wasted, but I can live with it.

However, they are incorrectly displayed in Safari (both OS X 10.5 and iOS 8). I’ll write a bug report.

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I see the boxes side-by-side in Firefox but agree they could be trimmed slightly