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Hey OGS! I’d love your opinion on something…

A friend and I just made a website to help Go players find clubs and meetups.
Check it out!

We have lots of awesome plans for making the site super useful (see below), but we want to make sure we’re actually making something people want. So if you like the idea of this site, please comment so we know that it’s worth developing. And if you have any requests, feedback, or ideas please comment to let us know!

Psst… wanna know what we have planned?
Here’s a list of some of what we hope to build into the site:

  • Ability for club organizers to add their clubs and meetups themselves
  • Ability for go players to add themselves to the map so people can find them for pickup games. This would be like what the website findgoplayers(.)com used to do! (if people remember that gem of a website)
  • Add markers for tournaments so people know where and when a tournament is happening!
  • Lots and lots more :wink:

Good idea, a place to find easily places to play a real board in person game of go. I send you guys an email to add our Utrecht, the Netherlands go club


Looking great! :slight_smile:


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Thanks for sharing! I’ve seen the World map a few times now, but I haven’t seen the Reddit one yet!