New moves shouldn't delete old branches of the move tree

When playing a long game, I tend to analyze games a lot, experimenting to try and find the very best life or death possible.

When the other player moves though, all my experimenting is deleted from the move tree, which rather sucks. Can this be fixed?

We’ve gone back and forth on this, i think we do want to alter it to behave like you describe, there’s some complications with it though that make it not just a quick change… so I reckon we’ll get to it at some point here, just not super quick.


I assume that all of this is still only stored client side? If an overhaul is performed at some point I would love a way to push my variations to the server so that I can refer to them when I come back to a correspondence game.

Even better would be the ability to accept a given branch of the tree as conditional moves without having to re-enter them.