New OGS Android App

Doe anyone know about the new Online Go Android app in development?

It looks quite good. Was it sanctioned by OGS, or developed by someone here?

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It’s developed by @MrAlex, and is the subject of much of the later part of this thread :slight_smile:


Hey @koolbreeze, thanks for the interest and the compliment. It is developped by me but it doesn’t have much in the way of “sanction” by OGS except for this post: Formula for player rank

How did you find it though, it’s not released to the public yet…


Not 100% but I think I remember having seen some post on FB yesterday or the day before with the link to your app. Can’t find it currently, though … and I don’t remember where exactly it was, it just turned up on my timeline.

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Hi @MrAlex. Thanks for developing the app. I’ve been using it and I like the look of it. It came up on my Google Play page under recommendations.

It’s clean and intuitive and, most importantly, the notifications are not overused to the point of obnoxious. My only minor gripe is the lack of settings and customization. But actually I love all the default settings so it’s a non issue for me.


Well, not sure how you define sanction, but as we have no interest in developing the app (just browser for us) and you are doing a great work, it might not be a “sanction” per se, but we are very happy and appreciate the huge ammount of work. :slight_smile:


Fair enough, I guess I define “sanction” by you guys with the OGS Team tag after your name publicly acknowledging that the app exists and that it’s OK with you guys that I develop it (and will soon make it public). Which is kinda what you just did :slight_smile:

Hopefully once you guys think it’s good/stable enough you could include a link to it in the software section of the “other go resources” or perhaps even in a more proeminent place if you think it appropriate.

In any case, I do appreciate you guys letting me tinker with your service. Starting a project alone has been an instructive experience for me even after 13 years in the business.


It’s awesome you’re doing that, it’s something we always wanted to get around to but that todo list for the core service seems to still be ever growing :slight_smile: So thanks for making use of the API!


Now, if THAT wasn’t “sanction” then I don’t know :smiley:


Let us know when the app gets public maybe? Just so it “looks trustworthy” and we would be happy to link it. :slight_smile:


Something like this for iOS! Please? Pretty Please? :slight_smile:
Thank you all that keep contributing to this amazing OGS thing. :slight_smile:

@MrAlex I encountered a pretty major bug. In one of my games, a 9 stone handicap game, the app switched the color of some of the placed handicap stones from black to white.

My understanding is that @MrAlex has no objection to this, but that the licence to publish on the Apple app store is a lot more expensive than the Android one.

@koolbreeze thanks for the bug report. Can you please point me to the game in question?

@BHydden not sure where you got that from :slight_smile: The problem is not the cost of the license, but the fact that I don’t do iOS developement and at this point in my life I don’t feel like learning it as it would be a massive investment in time (read hundreds of hours at least) to reach the level of expertise required to create such a complex app.

@Pimenta Sorry, I know this is not the answer you’re looking for, but perhaps this is a good opportunity for you to try a top-of-the range Android phone and see how it works for you? A Samsung galaxy S9 costs about half of an iPhone X and is objectively better in most respects (god, I hope I don’t start a holy war here).


Here it is

Perhaps the problem only occurs under Chinese rules because of the manual handicap stone placement?

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The stone placement was automatic

There is something funky here, since in most handicap games I’ve seen the initial position contained the stones, whereas in this game the initial position is blank and the handicap stones are in the moves list. I think they WERE placed manually, even though they were placed in the default positions. I will investigate further.


@Kosh was bang on the money, it was indeed due to the manual stone placement. I fixed it, the fix should be available in the next release.