New password won't be received

So i am trying to reset my password and the email won’t come through. I am told an email was sent, but i never receive it.
How can i fix this?

Did you check your spam folder?

I did. No such luck

I dunno then. Please, wait for an admin to answer you.

thanks for trying though!

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Check your email address?

That’s the problem. It say the email has been sent, but the email does not arrive. I check and wait and check again, but the email does not come.

Did you perhaps enter an incorrect email address (typo)?

The only one that can see what’s happening on the back end is @anoek, who is quite busy and at times can take a while to respond to single-user issues if he’s buried deep in development…

Otherwise, I can attempt to reset your password for you if you feel comfortable sending me your desired pw through a private message.

That would work yes.

How would i send you a private message?

you can click on my profile icon and then click message

That option does not appear

Click on Bhydden.

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I didn’t realise he is a new user, and doesn’t yet have access to that feature.

maybe you put in the wrong email a while ago
i did that, sent it to the wrong email so i cant recover that

This issue has been resolved.