New player looking for teaching game/s

New player looking for someone to help / teach me some of the basic ideas and strategies of the game. I have done some puzzles and played against the computer AI, but I feel that an actual person to play against and learn from would be much better (also getting sick of constantly losing to the computer, haha).

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I really recommend playing against human players that are the same rank as you.

A teacher won’t be able to do much for you besides showing you the very common basics that everyone learns, like liberties, shapes, etc. Teachers aren’t that effective for learning until about 20k.

Try going over to get a grasp of some of the basics.


ok thank you for the response… I will check out the link you posted. I’m also a little confused about how the rank system works… the higher number (example 20K) is a lower rank than a lower number (example 10K)? I also just played my first game against a human instead of a computer… it was better, but also lost horribly. they said I lost so bad because of “a lack of theory”… which I’m sure is true.

one more thing. when I create / search for a game. is there a way to make sure that I get matched against someone that is close to my rank?

thanks again.

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Yes, you can enable “restrict rank” if you create a custom game.


perfect :slight_smile: thanks!!

You can do 1 up and 1 down from your current rank. I wouldn’t go beyond that though.

I also recommend making the main time longer, at least 20 min. Keep the other settings the same though.