New player seeking a Teacher and fellow newbies to learn together

Hello. I have had an interest in Go for many years now, ever since I first saw the anime Hikaru no Go. Recently I have become determined to learn the game and teach others in my area. For the past two weeks, I have spent at least a few hours each day on Go related activities. I have read some of the instructional booklets, playing against the computer, watching other players games and watching Nick Sibicky’s channel on Youtube. Objectively I can tell that I have grown as a player in a number of ways since I first started, however, I feel that what I am currently doing is not the best approach for me.

I am hoping that someone in this community might be willing to instruct me through teaching games and game reviews, preferably through live matches and voice chat/skype, or other such program. Ideally, I would like a mentor, someone who could take me under their wing as an actual student, yet I understand that is not likely. I have been hesitant to play many games against other people for worry of wasting their time with a disappointing match. Still, I would also really love to have a small group of other relatively new players to perhaps have weekly/bi-weekly study sessions with and to play with one another for fun and mutual growth, should anyone be interested.

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We are at a similar stage, though I have played more 19x19 it seems.

I wrote this about how I got to 20k: Your beginnings with Go?

There might be some useful bullets in there.

The main thing I am benefitting from at the moment is Dwyrin’s “Back to Basics” series. Plus teaching games with generous SDKs, who you will easily find if you ask.

I think you might want to play a bit more 9x9 against humans to bed down those skills, before going for 19x19.

You definitely should not hold back from playing against other people. The ranking system is great for letting us all know what to expect, so you won’t be disappointing anyone. You will certainly learn more, more quickly that way.

9x9 isnt really my thing … I’d be happy to play 19x19 with you for fun and learning any time you’re ready.



Thank you for the advice. I am familiar with InSentie; I believe that I found Sibicky’s Channel through him. I would also welcome a learning game anytime we could set one up.

Always happy to play a few games :slight_smile: if you wish, add me to friends and shoot me a PM when you see me online


I would take Adam3141 up on his offer, he gives a very good and detailed review, Roenkruetz. :slight_smile:

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