New players with strong rank and little to no clue about go

There should be way to deal with players that choose inapropriately strong rank at start - ideally to put them to lower rank.
To illusrate problem this is my last game - - opponent (12k, NOT provisional) clearly had no clue. (his only win so far is vs someone who resigned after few moves probably thinking something like “this is waste of time”)
I guess it is also frustrating for him (unless its on purpose) because he probably have no idea why he lost.

Is system-wise solution possible? If not how to deal with similar cases in future?

One could nicely suggest to the person to get a rank adjustment from the moderators. A normal person would take the advice, because who would want to get repeatedly pulverized. Only a troll would resist the idea. A case as extreme as yours is probably rare. To avoid this, one might consult the opponent’s profile and if red flags are raised, cancel the game. Or spend some time watching games of people close to your rank, and accept open challenges only from players who you know are legitimate.


You can report the user in question and us moderators will gladly change his rank. I already did in this case :slight_smile:

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