New playing against computer, but it just randomly stops playing at times

Does this mean something? I’ve been playing against the computer and it will just stop playing at times. It doesn’t pass, it just sits there until time runs out. A bit irritating as I’m using the computer as a method to get slightly better before playing someone.

It happens, even with the higher ranked bots (Billy, TheKid).

Try playing them on smaller boards or giving them more time, I can’t say much else.

And try to play against some humans. :slight_smile: The worst that can happen is you lose. And then you can learn from the loss.

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Hi cholden3,
I’m not really answering your question, but I read the reason why you’re playing against a computer and that’s what caught my attention. I’m really not good yet (I’m constantly trying to improve) but started like you for the same reason but soon gave up and played real people (really real and online).
I would suggest you just start playing real people and ask for small review/advice after the game, or even a teaching game. People on OGS are I think really nice, so you should be able to find someone willing to play and teach a little basic stuff.
Don’t be afraid, you can play unranked games and my thought is that losing a game also has value for learning.
Good luck an see you soon!


happens to me too, even with correspondence games where the computer has 7 days to play! i think that is the bot’s way of resigning :stuck_out_tongue:

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Yeah it’s a known problem, i’m going to be working on it next week, sorry for the troubles :frowning:


Still freezes (at least Natsu) :slight_smile: