New site fails to render/handle next game move (WinPhone)

Was hoping the new site would finally be less browser-specific, but it fails to handle next game/move on WinPhone (Nokia Lumia 920, WinPhone 8.0, IE 11.0 mobile). It shows the top bar, move arrows, and then some (React?) JavaScript as

Move {{goban.engine.getMoveNumber()}}

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We do try and be browser agnostic, though we don’t have any windows phones to test with. If you can send me the javascript error log we might be able to figure out what’s going on there though :slight_smile:

Yeah, that makes sense. Looks like I need to get a dev kit to be able to grab logs to figure out what’s going on, unfortunately. Perhaps a WinPhone dev will stumble on this and be able to dig deeper.

New site don’t run at all on WP7 phones even.