New tournaments format

Sometimes newcomers ask if you win more with a bigger margin. Well usually no, put aside.the Affensprung (sorry if misspelling) tournament in Germany, a curiosity in itself.

Now i am curious, could we make a tournament where the smallest margin would get benefits? It would be awesome to watch winning players reducing their lead the most possible.


fun idea, but too easy to abuse.

for example:
Play until the end, and when passing just put stones in your territory until you are 0,5 ahead → get most points :slight_smile:


How about some format which takes into account the largest amount you were leading by during the game, according to AI?

For instance in this game black won by 4.5, but was leading by 40 at an earlier point in the game:

In this game white won by 7.5, but was never leading by more than 15, so we could say that it was a closer game than the one above:

This wouldn’t lead to “winning players reducing their lead as much as possible”, but rather having to avoid gaining a big lead in the first place :grin:


Distorting the rules risks distorting the ranking system. If you are going to do that, it should be only in unranked games.

I see your point. Maybe this kind of tournaments may still exist with some gentlemen agreement?

I don’t think so. Did OGS punish a player who won by 1 when he could have won by 20?

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Well, a stronger player could accidentally loose by trying too hard to make it close.


But using the reverse setting you can lose by trying to get a too wide margin too.

Note that the Affensprung is a regular EGF tournament (included in the European rating calculation )


Thinking on it, we should consider the opponent attitude. In a competitive sense, he would just do the same to keep a wide margin?
I am not completly sure as the opponent could even try self killing… (but the leading player may just refuse to capture)
Anyway i was not considering that distorsion, just a normal game where players try to win with small margin.

Meh. I agree in principle, but in practice I don’t think one tourney has that much effect. For reference, the Turing tournament is ranked.

I’d be interested to see how this plays out. Technically, leads can only be “given” by your opponent :upside_down_face:

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OGS really needs to make unranked games popular somehow. So people stop arguing against new ideas.

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O I think the other way. As OGS integrated 9x9, 13x13 in the rating, more could be.

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I don’t think this is a popularity issue. Isn’t this a known deficiency in the tournament system? That you can’t create an unranked tourney.


If you set it up for a non-standard size it will be unranked.