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Could someone put me in touch with the people that edit the italian translation?
I have some feedback

(see here: Italian translation issues )


The correct Chinese term for “resign” is 认输 (surrender).

A week ago, it was showing correctly everywhere, but now some places show the nonsensical term 中盘胜 (win on the board).

For example, the page for a completed game decided by resignation (such as shows 黑胜 - 中盘胜 (Black won - won on the board) and my game history ( shows, under the 结果 (result) column, 黑+中盘胜, 升降级 (Black won on the board, affected rating) and 白+中盘胜, 升降级 (White won on the board, affected rating).

However, some places, like the Resign button on the page for a game in progress, continue to show the correct term: 认输.

If it is any consolation, a chess website once mistranslated “resign” as 辞职 (as in resigning from a job).


The term 中盘胜 is not nonsensical. (I speak Mandarin as one of my mother tongues.)

According to what you describe, it appears in the right places. The act of resigning (a verb, “to resign”) as you said is 认输 or alternatively 投降, while the result of the game (an adjectival clause, “[won] by resignation”) is notated as 中盘胜 (roughly, “win decided in middle of game” i.e. the game was not played to completion).
It’s part of go jargon in Chinese too: see中盘胜


I was not aware that 中盘胜 was an established Go terminology (it is not used in chess). Thanks for clarifying!