New Translation site, come help with translations!

UPDATE Translation Service has been restored, unfortunately we had to tweak some things in order to make sure everything stays running nicely. Everything is back up and running normally. Sorry for the downtime!

We’re in the process of moving some core services over to our new infrastructure. One of the things we haven’t touched in a while has been the site we use to coordinate translation into different languages. Over the last few days we’ve moved it over to the new infrastructure and upgraded it to the latest version.

We’re also working on a more streamlined system for updating site translations as folks add them and update existing ones. So this isn’t so much of a call for testers as it is a call to help us gain some more ground on translations!

We’re so close on a few (Dutch and Portuguese) and some we’d love to make happen (Korean and Thai, we have a lot of awesome Thai players!).

So if you speak any of these languages fluently (no machine translations, please!) and want to give us a hand: Sign up for an account (this is important, only account holders can actually submit translations… unfortunately, it’s not linked to our site accounts though)… and start translating, I think you’ll find the interface very pleasing!

If you need any help navigating or understanding what’s going on then drop us a note!


Either Amazon cloud is down (unlikely) or someone screwed something up (more likely).
It is not available.

Page is unavailable:

Yep, we had a failure… working to get it back up today :slight_smile: Thanks for your patience.

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Looks like it’s going to take me another day to get this one back up as I am traveling until monday. Super poor timing on my part!

I haven’t been able to load the translation site, but I wanted to know something: Does Brazilian Portuguese going to be supported? I mean, I know that OGS doesn’t currently have other variants and it’s possible to select Portuguese, but would be nice to be able to play go in my own language. Also, the Portuguese translation is not currently complete, and while I think I could volunteer myself to translate the Brazilian Portuguese one from scratch, I don’t think I would be able to actually help in the Portuguese translation.

On a side note, just noticed that the Brazil flag is being used in the Portuguese channel in chat. Kinda odd since the whole site is translated using the Portuguese from Portugal.

Sorry for the outage folks, everything is back up and running now!


I can help with es_ar if needed

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There are multiple projects and translation languages, but how to switch OGS’s interface to one of these?

If i remember correctly the language is automatically chosen from the browser settings.

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You can also open the menu at the top left and go to your settings and change it.

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Hi mate, i have been helping with the Turkish translation. last activity tab doesnt show my name and even after translating tens of phrases, need translation tab still shows the same amount. Am i doing something wrong? or how does the translation system works, is there a link i could read about? I appreciate if you could send one. Thanks in advance. @matburt

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I’m going to nudge @anoek here, since he is our full time dev now. :smiley:

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Had to punt to @matburt, he got it fixed up nice though :slight_smile:


This should be fixed up now!


Yes mate, it’s working perfectly. Thanks!

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Hi @matburt ,

There is a small problem with the translation site. When i get this prompt: To protect the server against attacks we have to verify that submissions are made by human users. I answer the question but confirm button doesn’t work… Therefore i can’t use the translation site anymore. Also i noticed there is only suggest button now… Submit button is gone… I’d appreciate if you could have look… Thanks in advance…

EDIT: It started working again… Without the prompt… I have no idea why…

thought I’d give it a shot since I know french and japanese, but it appears that they are already finished. Since I’m not sure whether or not people still check the french translation page since it’s completion, I figured I would post my comment here. “Courriel” is the mandatory word to use in all official communications in French Canadian, but I figure this translation is France french. In france, courriel is frowned upon by the French Academy for being a neologism (and most other people in France frown on it for sounding retarded :P)

I got a specialized team which could help with the English to Chinese translation.