New users not able to log in to the forums

As the title says, new users can’t log in to the forums since the new update. Something broke :slight_smile:

Players get ‘Error updating information, contact site admin’.

I can log in as a new user… we do have some not-new users whom have had trouble logging in due to some older issues, do you happen to know who they are? I need to contact them to see if I can make some progress for them.

One of them is “sunspark”, who reported the issue to me. I tried to reproduce the issue by creating a new account on my wife’s pc, and I was getting the same error. Account name is “sdfgsdfgsdfg”.

That looks like the kind of username that Discourse would reject… can you try a more… normal… username?

It worked now, username “123400”. :smiley: No idea what happened to the other accounts.

Didn’t sunspark used to have a period in front of his username? I’m guessing that’s not going to work for Discourse :slight_smile:

how did u guys solve this issue?

I do not remember, sorry. :frowning:

Problem still exists. One of my friends faced with this. His nickname MoonGuard. He can log onto the server, but can not enter the forum. Message: “Error updating information, contact site admin”. Please, help him. He is good man and he is a site supporter.

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Thanx WinMonk for help, and thanx to anoek for fixing my problem! I can login to the forum now!

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