New Zealand Ladders (and tournaments)

FYI, I launched a new group, New Zealand Ladders, where the ladders use New Zealand rules. All are welcome!

If you’re curious about New Zealand rules, or like “correct” komi (draws allowed!), or just want more games of any kind, join.

I’ve also launched a suite of correspondence tournaments, for any fans of New Zealand rules that have been missing them. A mix of handicap vs. even and double-elimination vs. round robin. Visit the group to sign up, and spread the word.


This is an excelent addition.

Is it possible to customize ladders for other groups too?

Seems so!

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Yup! Group admins can easily change the rules now. For example, AGA (American Go Association) changed their ladders to AGA rules.


NZ ladders are the best! Here’s a reminder to fill the dame, or at least count the score before passing…

game link