Newbie...from 99.9% to 0.4% in one move...sigh

I’m new but I also know that I was winning this game -

At move 60 I went from 99.9% to 0.4% win probability(?).

I’m missing something obvious about how the game ends and/or how to close out when I’m ahead.

I know I am going to lose a LOT at first and have been taking it in stride by learning one thing from every game. Admittedly this loss frustrated me b/c I was so far ahead (and knew it).


This might help:

Basically, until Move 54, that lower left group had a chance of making life / 2 eyes. However, the way White played reduced those chances.

If you had played D1 for for Move 61, the group would have lived. Instead you played H9 and White killed your group.


Ouch. Maybe lay off on the AI for now? You should try to see what the problem was without checking with master leela or whatever bot overlord OGS uses.

Check your stones and make sure they have two eyes or they gon’ die!!


After Black missed the chance to make that large group live, it actually became a seki. Black later made another mistake at move 75 that put that group into self-atari, which allowed White to capture it.


Also, if you think false eyes are a bitter lesson, just wait until you encounter your first in-game snapback


Thank you! I can watch all the videos I want, get some “book learning” about “eyes” and “life/death”, but there’s nothing like real (painful) life to truly understand it


Also, the AI is a harsh master. It’s very easy for amateurs of all strengths to lose won games and to win lost games. Don’t be disenheartened when the AI says your move is -99%; just try to learn from it. Because, believe you me, -99% moves are never going away, they’re just going to get more complex.


Yeah, I’m a DDK myself, discovering OGS myself, introducing friends to it along the way, etc.

As I was reviewing one of our games one night, I was shocked to see how consistently the AI analyzer was reading like “there was nearly no way you’d lose that game… you just played? well, now there’s almost no way you’ll win, congratz!” back and forth between the two of us X-D

What I took out from that is that we (DDKs) really don’t have enough abstract notions, reading skills… well, not enough knowledge of the game in general, to get real benefits out of an automated analyzer ^^’ So, yeah, I just decided to leave that tool on the chill side of things for now :wink:

Some books might be of more interest to us, like Double Digit Kyu Games for instance.


I think the AI percentages should be interpreted slightly differently, namely as:

there was nearly no way I (the AI) would lose that game if I continued your game playing against myself… you just played? well, now there’s almost no way I (the AI) would win if I continued playing your game against myself, congratz!


major differences in my game since my original post! Definitely seeing the end game with at least some clarity now, as well as using the AI more as guide than bible


So basically, you had two choices. a) Go to D1 and get two eyes to prevent white from killing you, and b) since you were in a “liberty race” (white had two liberties, F2 and G1, and you had two liberties, D1 and E1, but since you could move, you would’ve won the liberty race had you went to F2), you could’ve went to F2 and captured the white pieces before white captured your pieces. (What I meant by “liberty race”)