Newbie looking for a teacher :)


I’m new to this game. Like really new! I started learning yesterday and have played about 15 games and studied a little bit on the forums, as well as a bit of guidance from a couple of really helpful people there and a bit of reading up on

So far, I’ve only played 9x9 and 13x13 and am still making a lot of rookie mistakes. I’d prefer to do a live session but would be open to correspondence as well if live is not possible.

If anybody’s willing that’d be amazeballs!


PS I’m not sure but I think I’m level 22k :-/ which doesn’t seem right considering the Master Mantis is 15k and is beating me in most games.


I’d be happy to play you ! Correspondance or live if I am connected. Just send me a message if you are interested ( I prefer playing 19x19 though). Seems normal that you lose against a Bot if he is 7 stones better then you :slight_smile: (Kyu rankings get lower when you get better).

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This is right, with kyu / dan ranking 22k is seven ranks weaker than 15k. See this page for example.

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That’d be awesome @Capitaine_Crochet. I’m happy to play on 19x19 board. When is good for you?

I would be happy to play with you since I am also a newbie :stuck_out_tongue:

Right now if you want

Sure that’d be great

Ok let’s do it :slight_smile:

How do we set this up?

I sent you a challenge

I’d be happy to play too. Send me a challenge when you’re ready for your next game!

I have played a total of 2 games so far lol! I would love to have a teacher to play games with. I’ve discovered that i would like to learn why a move was good or not as I play, with a debrief at the end if possible. Thank you!

Feel free to send me a challenge if correspondence is fine with you. I’d suggest 9x9 to start with.

That would be great! Correspondence is fine. I’m not always at my desktop. The games i’ve played so far are on 9x9, so that is good too.
Thank you!

I’ve created a game, but not sure how to send a challenge to you specifically.

I’ve sent one to you.

Thank you! I’ve accepted.