Newbie questions: time and vacation

I see some games up now that show time like this: “2d+3x 1d”

What does that mean? Is that two days initial, and then three days added every move, or something? How do I interpret this, and how would I create a game with the timing described?

Also, I don’t see how I can use vacation time to add time to games. I’ve lost a couple games recently due to timeouts because they had shorter clocks than I’d expected, and vacation time seems like it’d have resolved this, but I’m not sure how to go about using it.



I believe this is an example of Byo-Yomi timing

Each player starts with a 2 day clock, but once that is depleted, they have three renewable periods (each is one day long) to work with. If less than one of those periods is used to make a move, it renews to fill back up, but using up all of a period loses it forever. Running out of periods loses the game.

More information about time settings here:

Vacation time has to be manually activated and deactivated, which can be done inside of the settings found here:


Thank you!


Based on the original question, it should be noted that vacation time is not intended to extend the clock in a live or blitz game. Such use is unethical. The idea behind it is that you can pause all your correspondence games if you are going on vacation for awhile (or if you are just worn out and want to take a few days off from go, or perhaps if a hurricane is approaching, or if a mostly peaceful riot is occurring nearby).

Thank you. That matches what I’d want. We had a family emergency this week, and I timed out two games as a result, where I’d have popped on vacation if I’d figured it out. Most games I lose, I learn something about go. These games, I learned something about OGS. :slight_smile:


You will go far with that attitude! What a great example and inspiration for us all I think.
And I hope all is well with you family too.


Such use is impossible. Vacation time only affects corr games.


Ahh, thanks, I didn’t know that.