Newbie Teaching Game

Hello, Im a newbie, I studied the basics and puzzles and drills, I played a few games and get killed badly. I was looking for someone that has the patience to play a few games and show me what im doing wrong. Thank you !!

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Are you thinking of correspondence or live? … Who can help you depends a lot on that :slight_smile:

If you’re interested in fast kind of correspondence teaching, feel free to PM me.

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Hi, live is best, or a fast correspondence. Even a slow correspondence if thats what a willing person can do. Thank you !!

I highly recommend trying a Correspondence Study Game. There are some links to that style of game in this thread. If you wish to improve, I would not recommend trying to do it quickly. If you can get some basic concepts under your belt, your entire understanding of what is possible will change drastically :blush:.