Newbie tournament question

Hello everyone. I am still new to ogs platform so I kindly ask for your help. I created a group for 10 players from my go club, then a “members only” tournament. The tournament was supposed to start only when reaching 10 players but it started with 9 players and one got left out. As a result, another player has no opponent in the first round. Dear OGS developers, can you help us?
the tournamente link:

the player who got left out: Cosroe
the player who has no opponent in the first round: a_peco
thanks in advance for your support

Off by 1 error, quite common.

As to the solution, I bet it’s “Start a new tournament”.

Viva i tortellini! :smiley:

Looks like there’s a bug to be pointed out. Someone should do it on github. I tried to search for any open isssue regarding tournaments and “start when full” option but I didn’t find any.

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I am afraid I cannot influence tournament pairings and such, so I cannot solve the problem simply. :confused:

As a workaround I could annull the ongoing tournament games and you can just start the tournament anew… Not ideal and I appologize, but ATM it is the best I can think of.

That really is common in our tournaments? :smiley: that would be quite silly. I will file the bug report if anyone can confirm it was not just some one-time fluke.

@shaksa if you want me to follow up on the idea probably just PM me so we do not clutter the thread with otherwise useless messages :slight_smile:

Not sure if it’s actually a bug, but off by 1 errors are quite common, due to habitual confusion generated by counting from 1-10 or 0-9, both methods yield 10 elements but only one yields the actual value 10. It also happens when you use conditional logic or loops and put the wrong conditional in there, for example

if (registeredPlayers > requiredPlayers) will trigger once you have 1 more player than needed

if (registeredPlayers >= requiredPlayers) or exactly the minimum number of players

I can’t think of too many code examples for a tourney to start as soon as 1 fewer than needed registers, though. Maybe that 1 guy just missed the time limit (Tourney creation site doesn’t give me any options for “only start once enough members have registered”).

I’m afraid if you want the 10th person in there, you’ll have to start a new tournament, there’s nothing I can do from my end :frowning:

I always thought that math and programming were more aristotelic than that.

I never created a tournament, but from the player’s side we can read a “start when full” option along with a “minimum number of players”. One of these options or both toghether should be enough to be sure that all 10 members are in before the tournament starts.

On the tournament page I read:

The tournament started with just 9 players (when would it be full? 10 or 100?) and there aren’t games for those who lost their first round. This looks wrong to me.