Newly Founded International Society of Go Studies Invites Go Research

In February, the International Society of Go Studies (ISGS) was founded to carry on the vision and objectives of the former Korean Society for Baduk Studies which actively promoted Go research from 2003 to 2018. The website just recently launched and features two invitations for Go research publications.

Firstly, the ISGS announced the 1st ISGS International Go Conference would take place on August 31, 2023, in collaboration with the Department of Go Studies at Myongji University in Yongin, South Korea. The conference theme is “Go in the age of A.I.,” and academics are encouraged to present their research findings on the state of Go in the A.I. era, technical innovations or distinctive characteristics of Go bots, predictions for the future evolution of Go, or other Go-related topics in the age of A.I. Through May 31, 2023, presentation proposals may be submitted by filling out the submission form. Accepted non-Korean conference speakers joining from abroad will receive 500,000 KRW in addition to complimentary meals and lodging for four days and three nights.

Secondly, scholars are invited to submit their research papers to the journal editorial team. ‘Rethinking Go in the Age of A.I.’ is the theme of the second issue of volume 17 of the Journal of Go Studies, which will be published in November 2023. The submission form and abstract should be sent no later than September 10, while the complete papers are requested by October 15, 2023. The Society’s website ( has more information on both calls for papers.


With a free download of the first issue of their magazine!
Here are the topics that are being discussed in it:

  • Influence Mechanism of Behavior Intention for Amateur Go Players’ Participation / Sun Yuan
  • The Special Use of Go: Life Lessons and Wisdom / Jeong Soohyeon
  • A Study on Go As a Negotiation / Zhou Rui & Nam Chihyung
  • Baduk and People with Disabilities: Focusing on the operation status of the welfare center Baduk program / Kim Donghan & Kim Jinhwan
  • Go Development in the Middle East / Daniela Trinks
  • The History of Chinese-Korean Baduk in Jilin Province: After the Foundation of the People’s Republic of China in 1949 / Li Chengyu & Kim Jinhwan
  • Changnam Paik Namkyu, the Last Grandmaster (Kooksoo) of the Joseon Dynasty / Paik Youngki
  • The Society and Culture of Baduk by Chihyung Nam, Myongji University Press, 2021 / Lee Changbong