Nine games of which eight games with Black

In Correspondence 9x9 RoundRobin 2021-01-29 19:00 there was a rather skewed colour distribution:
One player 8B-1W, another 7W-2B, a third 6W-3B. Does anyone know if there is an option to distribute the colours more evenly?


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For these type of even game (as opposed to handicap) tournaments, I believe the colors are just assigned randomly. Occasionally, these assignments can be a bit lopsided just due to chance. Since the colors have to be complementarily assigned, if one player happens to get a lopsided assignment, this unbalance with affect others in the same group as well. I don’t think there is an option to change this behavior or to force the assignment to be more balanced.

In my experience the color assignment on OGS is “automatic” by default, which means random if the players are within one rank difference. Otherwise the weaker player gets black.

That does not seem to be the case for the automatic sitewide tournaments. For example,

The stronger player (even when the rank difference is much larger than one) is sometimes assigned black.

It apparently was the case but was supposedly made random for tournaments

I assume it’s still that way since it appeared that way like in the above tournament example, but maybe it depends on tournament settings?

This recent thread fizzled out about assigning Colors in tournaments.

I think the through the years tournament seemed random @yebellz?

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Yes, that tournament also appears to use random color assignment, with the stronger player sometimes getting black.

My other point about statistics and coin flips is just that the empirical distribution closely matches the binomial distribution, which is what we would expect theoretically.

If you flip a coin 9 times in a row, it’s unlikely that you’d get all heads or all tails, but it is still possible. However, if many thousands of people each repeat this experiment (by flipping a coin 9 times each by themselves), then almost surely a small fraction will report that they got all heads or all tails.


If I can derail this thread, why is it still considered “proper” for the weaker player to take Black, even though White will receive komi that’s – probably – slightly advantageous?

Is it as irrelevant a tradition as Black starting in the top right corner, or is it genuinely easier for weaker players to win with Black in a komigo game?

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Highly doubt it >.<

They don’t have to, they are weaker!
How disrespectful of them to win against stronger! :joy:

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