Nine*Nine, NineNineNine

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The tournament is in progress


As usual, a long stretch of waiting for couple of slow games. Still since it’s 9x9 we managed the first round within 2 months.


This corner life and death is pretty wild.

250 players won’t take part in next round.
About one third games left.
Peace! :smiley:

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These graphs are so aesthetically pleasing :heart:

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Plotted player speed


Including every username was a very nice touch. 10/10 would recommend.


Are you saying that the slowest player makes a move a day?

Nah, it’s cropped at 24h. There’re a few players slower.


I’d be interested to know where I fit!

I didn’t expect white to win this.

I was sure black would use the ko to either kill top-left or kill right.

@teapoweredrobot we all know, you’re super fast, so you’re like 5th

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Mirror go.

Hmm, and I’ve been trying to slow down recently. But maybe not with 9x9…

The speed is calculated only from games of this one tournament. So in your case it’s only one game from April

Oh, that variation with the sacrifice the AI us suggesting.

4d game just ended

What a game. Or more like what a finishing position.

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This is like those puzzles from Cho Chikun

When you don’t know bent four in the corner

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Relentless fighting here

Oh whoops the game somehow ended…

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Making everyone wait full supporter vacation just so you can time out anyway. But at least they’re out.