No Absolute/Live

I’m trying to create a new game, and it won’t allow me to select “Live” and “Absolute” time. If I switch to “Absolute” I’m automatically switched to “Blitz”. I have a saved game that is “Absolute” and “Live” and when I load it, it switches to “Blitz” as well.

This worked yesterday, but not this morning.

Just an FYI. Thanks.


Can you describe a bit more what steps you are taking and what exactly you wish to do? So far, I have not been able to replicate the issue.

After seeing Absolute and Blitz selected as options, are you able to change the “Blitz” back to “Live”? What happens if you try that? Or does the system block you somehow? Are options grayed out and unclickable?


Working on fixing this now. Thanks for the extra details!

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If I change it from Blitz to Live, it jumps back immediately.

Weirdly i’m having the problems with blitz + fischer/byo-yomi settings right now, but live/absolute seems to work for me xD

Very interesting!

Could either or both of you send a screenshot of the local storage data that appears when you search for “time”? In Chrome, you can get to it through Inspect → Application tab as shown below:

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This is what is showing:

Perfect, thanks! As a temporary fix, you can just delete the row with the key Let me know if that solves it for you.

For anyone interested, it looks like the old time control picker randomly wrote malformed saved settings (for example, that entry for a “live” time setting that is actually blitz), which explains why only some people are seeing this bug in different forms. The recently-implemented replacement for that time control picker no longer writes malformed settings, but still reads the ones left over from the old picker. I’ll fix this shortly!


A fine work of diagnosis - worked great. Thanks for all the hard work.

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I can’t put my finger on the exact history, but I know I’ve had other times that it defaulted to blitz (which I never use) and I couldn’t figure out why. Those times, it let me make the change.

That should be fixed by the same changes I made to fix the original bug. Let me know if you ever encounter it again though!


no fixes here i still cant have live ranked games with absolute time setting

no fixes yet to me, i cant have live with absolute time setting

yay it worked thank you :slight_smile:

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Just popping in to say that joooom deserves a frickin medal for taking this whole thing on!

It had definitely got out of hand, the way that old oft-repaired and extended things can.