No AI review for site supporter

Hello, my last game Play Go at! | OGS didnt get a full AI review like it is supposed to get since i am a site supporter - could someone check this please?

Thank you!

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The first thing I would try is to click the bar with the empty circle (where usually the level 1,2,3 symbol is shown) and also showing the winrate/score value.

There’s an option there to add a Katago or Leela review to it. Try click one of the +Katago or +LeelaZero buttons and see if it runs.

I’m not sure why it doesn’t auto-run sometimes, and other times it does.

Thanks - that worked. Had to try 2 times though and in my other games it started analysis automatically every time.

Hello KitsuneNoSeikatsu (and welcome to the forums),

I have kicked off a full review for you, it should be finished about now, and all seems to work correctly.

Games auto-review only if you are still present when the game ends. So if you leave quickly and then come back, it is possible you might need to start it manually. Sometimes it may probably also fail on some random connection loss or something.

As I am not aware about any similar reports currently, hopefully it was on of the above (or some similar) cases, if you run into more trouble with it, do please let us know.

And sorry about the inconvenience
Oh, also note that Leela Zero is not able to review handicap games, only KataGo manages those. in case that could have been the source of the error


Thanks for sorting this out! I think I use Kata by default but it is possible that I left the game while it was analysing shortly after the game finished. But now I know that I can start it manually this is not an issue at all!