No email notification when resigning?


It seems that you do not get an email notification if you resign a game.
Is it possible to have this option?

I usually save all my games to my phone, but when I resign a game I have to manually send an email from my computer to remember to save it to my phone…

Hope someone understands what I mean. :slight_smile:

Why would you want a notification that you resigned a game? If you resigned, you arguably already know about it.

As for “saving games” - all your games are available in your match history. Go to your profile (e.g. by clicking on your name) and scroll down. Not sure why you’d want to save every game separately (but maybe I just didn’t get what you actually meant by that).

It’s basically that I’m lazy and I am looking for a way to avoid having to email myself the link to the game so I can save it on my phone.

I mean, of course I could just go to online-go on my phone after the game, but I usually forget.

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Thanks to lazyness, humans get better life

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