No email notifications received

I did not receive an email notification twice when it was time for me to move, even though I have enabled these notifications. In fact, all email notifications are enabled.

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Do you have OGS open in a browser, possibly a browser on a different computer?

OGS will not send you “it’s your turn” notifications if OGS is open in any active browser. OGS assumes that you are checking said browser tab and do not need the notification.


Yes, I have OGS open all the time. So that explains it. I don’t see why OGS makes this assumption. After all, if you have OGS open all the time and you don’t want the email notifications, it is easy enough to disable them. You know what they say about assuming.

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That saying is far overused: there are many situations in which assumptions are not only valid, but necessary for productive discourse. That doesn’t mean you ignore any later evidence that your assumption was wrong, but neither does it mean you cannot make the initial assumption. Proof by contradiction hinges on the ability to make assumptions: I want to prove A. Let’s assume not A. This necessarily implies B. not B. Therefore A. This is a basic proof structure that we all use intuitively in everyday life which would be impossible without assumptions. If you have a problem with a particular assumption, articulate why that assumption is not justified, but don’t malign assumptions period.


I am afraid that is not the reason that I don’t get email notifications. I just made sure that OGS was not open in any browser, but still didn’t receive any email notifications. Immediately went to the OGS site to notice that my opponent had made a move, so it was my turn.

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Hello mmhmjanssen,
if you would not mind, try removing your e-mail address in the settings ( > account settings) and then re-inputing and updating it. If we get lucky it might solve the problem.

If not, let me know and I will send our developer your way, it just might take a few days as we only have one :slight_smile:
And sorry about the trouble.


I removed my email address and re-input it and updated my settings as you suggested. Unfortunately it did not solve the problem. Even though I received email notifications at this email address before, I can try another email address to see if that makes a difference.

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I have just talked with anoek, and as far as he can tell, there is no trouble on our end, nor was the e-mail blacklisted and you should be normally getting notified.

So, it may sound silly, but pretty much the only remaining idea is to check the spam filters or something like that, if perhaps something changed? Trying a different adress can’t hurt either…

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Using my regular (internet provider) email address I always received notifications when a game has started or stopped. Also I received regular notifications from the OGS forum. So I doubt if it is a spam filter.
I changed my email address twice: once I used my gmail account and the second time my microsoft account. Both times I got a message on these accounts to verify my email address. And I also got email notifications for my next move. After I changed back to my internet provider address ( I did not receive an email to verify my account. I doubt if I will receive notifications when it is time to move (must check this still).

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As expected no email received after changing back to my original email address.

As it did not solve the problem, I would appreciate it if you could send your developer my way.

As I still had the email verification e-mail (from feb 2019) for my original account, I entered the original e-mail address again and clicked on the link in the verification e-mail. OGS responded with a “terrific, your e-mail address has been verified” message (my translation of this message, since I got the message in Dutch). So I would expect to receive notifications on this adress now, but unfortunately it still doesn’t work.

Hello again, and sorry about the delay.

I will ask anoek to check again (he’s the developer, I did not make that clear), but cannot promise much more, if he says the e-mails are going away, then they should be going away, and I am not sure there is much more he can do…

The only thing that comes to mind now is that with a bit of bad luck he might have checked when you were just testing one of the working adresses, I guess weirder things have happened…

Actually, would you mind PMing me what the problematic e-mail address is? I am not confident if the one you are on right now is the one that is not working anymore (and the one you want to work), to limit the chance of checking the wrong address.


so fianlly all should be back to working order, the desider e-mail address did bounce some of our e-mails back a while ago and the server stopped trying that one.

Sorry for not realizing sooner we were looking at the wrong address, that’s on me. Hopefully all should work now.

Unfortunately it still doesn’t work. Do I have to do something to get it to work?

I think maybe someone can block emails from certain people(I meant like in school that uses a MacBook they block other people from doing certain things, I meant in things they might be able to hack or steal information from you)Do you have that kind of control by someone?

I don’t have that kind of control. I am using a Windows based laptop where I am the only user. And besides, I have received game started and game finished notifications until June 6th. Also I received notifications when it was my move in December 2019 (when I had these notifications enabled for a short period of time). I also received notifications from the forum on the same e-mail address.

We’ll follow up in PM

I’m having the same problem. Did you ever solve it?

I was getting play notifications perfectly, then decided to change email addresses to avoid cluttering one in box. I got a confirmation email, which worked fine. Since I’ve gotten a game started email, but no other notifications.