No games available?

Today I was trying to play and the site said there was no one else on the website. I’m wondering if this is just a mistake, because so many people play Go, especially with the corona virus and people spending more time inside online.

I really enjoy playing, although I might not be the best player, I enjoy the experience a lot, I enjoy playing fast. One of the things I like about online play is that it finds me people closer to my rank, so I can win as well as lose.

At my Go club there are a lot of interesting people and good games, but some of them are so good, I can only beat them with a 9 stone handicap.

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Hi! Where are you looking that you see no games available? If you’re on the “Play” page and don’t see any games you can accept in the list, they may be getting filtered out for a few reasons. If you look all the way at the bottom of the screen, you’ll notice a few filter options for the game list. Only games meeting the checked criteria will show up on the list.

There are almost certainly a great number of “open challenges” on the site, but if you have “Show ineligible challenges” deselected, you won’t see a lot of them because you’re not able to accept those.

If you could be a bit more specific with what exactly gave you the impression there was no one else on the site, we could probably explain what you’re seeing a bit more clearly.


I was not online here at the time, but from what I read in a FB post there seems to have been a short outage here …?


The server did go down for like 10 minutes or so. A bunch of games were lost to timeout.