No handicaps in Meijin Handicap Title Tournament


There is no handicap in the handicap title matches. I must assume that it is a bug.

Can you guys fix it? Do we need to restart these matches with proper setting?

Here is a link to the tournament:


@csaba , the problem here is that the tournament is a McMahon tournament that groups players of similar ability together in small round-robin groups.

This system confines players of lower ability together in even matches and denies them both the opportunity of playing higher ranked players and the chance of actually winning the event.

For handicap tournaments to be meaningful, they need to be single or double elimination, like the one I organised: :slight_smile:

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Wow, never seen this layout before. OGS is full of surprises. Even after a long time on the website you can discover something new.


I think it might be a bit late (6 years later) to address the issue :slight_smile:

That is pretty interesting. Imagine if it did that for the ‘through the years: long correspondence’ tournament.