No handicaps in tournament set to "auto"

A tournament got set up with “auto” clicked for handicaps. But when the games began none of them were handicapped although some were between players of quite different strengths. I accept that it can’t be changed for the first round which has now started. But, it’s a three round tournament, could we have handicaps in the games in the two remaining rounds please?

The tournament is “Mirror in the Skye”

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That’s me replying to my own post:-( That’s 'cos no-one else has yet:-) Any developer have time to look at the Mirror in the Skye" tournament? Why were there no handicaps? Could they be reinstated for the remaining two rounds? If anyone takes this in hand could they message me please?

Hi! @anoek is just starting going back to work with the site from a somewhat long time being off. He’ll look into it when he has the time. :slight_smile:


Yeah sorry I’d responded in the tournament chat a few days ago.

For McMahon, handicaps are only active when players beneath the McMahon bar are playing each other, that’s why there aren’t any handicaps this round. Since the pairing method is set to Slaughter, you might see some later but probably not a lot.