No horizontal scrolling in game history [closed]

(Android with Opera )

It’s new, only me or a bug?

It works fine for me on Android firefox.

You’re asking whether the Game History table has always had horizontal scrolling? Yes I think so

It doesn’t work for the demo window too.

First time i was checking another player profile, then i went on my own to notice i had the same problem

It works fine for me on Android brave

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I believe they’re reporting they are unable to use the horizontal scrolling…?


Ok i edited the topic tittle.

So i tried logout, quit browser, come back login but problem is still here.

It’s back now, working fine. I dunno what happened.


Oh duh! I read it as some kind of protest against horizontal scrolling :joy: (a cause which btw I am sympathetic to)


What do we want?
No horiztonal scrolling!
When do we want it?
Seriously, like 10 years ago :rofl:

Especially irksome when you have 2/3rds of your screen as blank space and then the tiny third in the centre has a scroll bar… really makes me wish my coding forte was UI design haha, so many things I don’t like but it’s one of my weakest areas of web dev. Really frustrating thinking “I know I don’t like that but I also don’t know how to specifically make it better”

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