No news from opponents

Hello there,

Classmates and I are having an issue : we don’t hear anything from two players of our class, and the end of the month looms… I tried to reach them, to no avail even when said players were online. Each of them has four or five games to play in a week ! What should be done in this case ? On which date should one consider that they de facto resigned ? I may not have the time to play two games before the end of the month…

My thanks to the admins for their help.

The admins are currently messaging all players with no scheduled games by Jan 21, in order to notify them of the league. We will begin a new round of messaging on Jan 25/26 for all players with any unscheduled games.

If there are still unscheduled games by the February sign-up deadline (Jan 30 17:00 UTC,) we’ll start considering disqualification.

Thanks for your reply.

Let’s suppose that my opponent shows up on Jan. 26th and I don’t have time on my schedule to play the game before February. What would happen then ? On the one hand, I’m guilty of not being available enough, but on the other hand, I’ve been available most of the month and have not heard from the opponent !

One person in my group has played one league game. He has not been responding to my PM’s. What do i do?

@hqrpie @noahthefuzzy Don’t worry about it if your opponent is absent. It’s his/her responsibility, not yours :smile:

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Okay thanks for your reply !

I assume the same thing will be followed in February that was done in January regarding players who ave scheduled no games? We have one member in our group who has played no games and has not responded to repeated requests to schedule them. Who decides when is too late to make first contact - and what date is too late, in your view? I am sure that if he suddenly, on Feb. 21, decides he wants to schedule a game that it will be hard for me to do so in that short of a time window.