No one can enter game

If i open a game, no one connect in my game.
Yersterday a User tell me, that he have try but its not work.

i have blocked no one and the User have my rang.
So i think all users can not connect to me


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Sounds like you may have created a “private game” by accident, although I don’t see any private games in your profile. Make sure “private game” is not checked in your game settings.

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That’s kind of weird. Never heard a similar problem before. If it still persists, please send me a PM. We will probably have to meet online to try it out and see what is happening.

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Private Game are not activ.

I have changed in the Menue
If i Use the “not rated” function in Game Modus than is a connect not problem.
If works only not in the “rated” modus

I will try again and if i have more time we can meet us and start a test.

Thank you