No pass finish

In this game

I’m losing by 1.5 point, although the game is over and I kept passing my opponent kept filling in dame points and for some reason called a moderator to decide the game (instead of pass-count).
The result is fair enough but I do mind that in my stats I now have “lost by moderator” mention which -to me at least- looks bad (and why does a 3d do not know how to pass-count?).
I tried to explain this to a moderator but got asked “do you have a relevant question?”… well, whatever. :confused:

Hello Ran-Ran,

as to why your opponent did not pass it is often a misundrasting of habits, some people are used to Chinese rules and have a habit of filling dames, even if they don’t need to, some people consider it “rude” not to resign when the game is over,… who knows. If you are super curious, you would have to ask your opponent, but “these things” happen, and it is often best to not assume anything bad and move on. :slight_smile:

I am unsure what specifically you discussed with the responding moderator, our official record says that you left the game before the score was accepted (or maybe just lost connection for a bit) in which case we often call the game (when the result is clear) just to save some time to the other player as not to have to wait for the timeout.

Regarding the “decided by moderator” result, the system unfortunately does not allow us to change that, so there is nothing I can do, sorry. I don’t think (hope) it will be regarded by anyone as a mark of “something bad” especially since all your other games are properly ended even with no timeouts. Only thing you can do is play games to make it move away, I guess, but I really would not worry too much about it.

Sorry I can’t do more :slight_smile:


thank you for your trouble,
it was a correspondence game so I’m not sure what you mean by
you left the game before the score was accepted (or maybe just lost connection for a bit)
but it doesn’t really matter, the result is fair and I’m sure there was no bad intend, all the same, to use a moderator like this is new to me and a bit of a let down, but my problem.

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Usually it means that you left the scoring screen without accepting the result, but admitadely the mistake can also be on our part and if it is my appologies, I meant no offense nor reproach by my comment whatever the case, just what I saw in my quick look and we sometimes call these cases to save time so it made sense to me, nothing more. :slight_smile:

Sorry about the whole trouble

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On behalf of the mod team, I would like to apologise for this. We too are human but this is not the standard we aim for. I understand your circumstance and feelings about the bizarre encounter. Unfortunately, as AdamR said, at this point there is little more we can do, but I hope you have a better experience interacting with our team next time.