No points when time victory?

Hello everybody,

Yesterday I won two match because time ran out for my opponents.
I din’t win any points… Is it normal? (it was ranked games, and correspondance ones…)
Did it happen to someone already? I didn’t find such a bug on the forum.

Can you add/edit the game links to your post?

Generally speaking; when someone is consecutively timing out of coresspondence games, their losses are discounted by the ranking system to minimise distortion of the ranking system.

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ok, here they are:

fot he second one,

Yep, this is because your opponents were serial timeouters.

Discussion here.


Yes, unfortunatelly, non of those games was counted for you. :frowning:

When you check out the profiles of those players you will see that they timed out a huge ammount of last games. Which in all likelihood means they just stopped playing or are otherwise occupied.

In that case, our backup rule kicks in an annulls those games (because it is quite probable that half of those would be undeserved wins for the opponent), until they start playing again. It is not ideal and I get that it is disappointing, but by not doing it lots of people might get an undeserved rank boost, and if the player did ever come back, his/her rank would be completely destroyed and he/she would be massively “sandbagging” for a while (so to say).

Feel free to add your response/opinion to the thread GaJ linked, but please if you do, try to read through some of the major posts (although hard to do, I know :smiley: ) first. The thread is already massive so as not to keep repeating what was already asked/said many times :slight_smile:


Well let’s say i’m sorry for :

  • Not understanding this was a major thread in the forum
  • Loosing these points.

Anyway, this policy makes sense, and I agree with.
Thanks for your help and have a nice day! :slight_smile:


as someone who already did, i suggest you not to waste your time. they won’t listen.

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Don’t be mean :stuck_out_tongue: we listened. We just disagreed.

I am sorry it proves such a big disapointment to many, but even after reading all the responses our developer still maintains that it is better the current way (as opposed to simply counting every timeout as loss). And while a different solution is under consideration (which admittedly can take some time) this one stands, and I agree with that decision.

We really are happy for every suggestion and idea, but please understand that ultimately the decision wheter it is accepted or not HAS TO be on our developer team. While people pleasing attitude by accepting everything remotely sensible would be simple and probably popular, I do not think it would be the responsible thing to do.