No rank adjustments after several games

I use to play a lot and check my rank after each ranked game played. So far, there was always some slight adjustments even on 9x9. Since a dozen games that did not happen. I stay on 14.5 no matter how often I win or loose.
Is there a restriction on how many ranked bot games one can have? Even if so, my rank does not change when playing agains humans either.
Any help appreciated

Just checked on a different browser and it works. Chrome seems to have an issue - Safari not. Maybe this is related to the Chrome bug when trying to tag someone in the forum? It seems that the script runs wild and prevents certain updates.
Sorry for bothering.

I think everyone is being affected by that, not just Chrome users.

Hi guys, I’ve got the same problem. I thougtht this was a kind of delay, but I’m not sure.

I have the same problem. I am a 17 kyu and I won against a 5 kyu, and then I played a faced a 15 kyu and won. But my rank is still at 16.7. It should have grown right?

I have the same problem and it’s unfair :angry:

I won 2 games, my rand didn’t moved. I resigned a ranked game and Nothing has changed too.

What it is happening???

I looked into this case to start with.

One way of trying to understand what is happening is to mouse over the graph of your rank.

You will see that there is one point per day, with the rank adjustment of the games of that day rolled into one.

Often this is the answer to “why didn’t this game increase my rank?” - “Because you lost another game that same day”.

However, in the case of GlacialNovern there is no dot for the last day’s worth of games. So it appears there’s some delay in getting recent games ranked - or that’s what it looks like so far.

I’m looking into the other ones.

I really do need to note that fairness doesn’t come into it. No-one is being discriminated against. If there is a bug or glitch in the system, we’ll get it fixed.



I see the same thing for RioRaser: missing the ranking of the latest day of games.

I’ve alerted Devs.




This problem still be there. Is it the same thing for somebody else?

Your rank chart appears to be up to date now - as I type, the last dot has 5 games on it for today, which is the same number of completed games I can see in your game history.

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