No ranked games vs computer?

When i try to play ranked games against computer it gives me error saying “no ranked games” available. I used to play ranked games against computer just 2 weeks ago?
Also, min ranked computer i can play is 8k. Is there no way to play something like 15K? I am a newbie here.

Maybe add this to the FAQ, @AdamR?


What bot :wink: ? I don’t know if it matters, but if it matters would be good to know.
(I looked it up for you in your profile, Master Mantis until 28th September, mainly Kugutsu afterwards, few GnuGo in between)

Your rank is 14k. I would strongly recommend to start playing against other humans. If you feel unsure, you can send me a challenge.

The following topic came up recently. It covers beginner bots and gives mainly the advice not to play (as often) against bots.

PS: Don’t know why Master Mantis isn’t available at the moment.


Thank you all for your responses. I changed bot to the gnubot(7k) and it offered a ranked game. However, still can’t find a lower ranked(~15k) bot…