No way to chat with opponent anymore?

In my on going games, I no longer have the ability to type new comments to my opponent. There’s a log of the statements made before the latest layout design, but there’s no box to add new comments.

What browser and version on which OS?

Can you include a screenshot?

Safari 9.0 on OS X 10.9.5

Here’s a screen shot. Any time I try to scroll down, the window bounces back up and there’s no [chat] box under the chat log.

This looks like a bug on our part given the small size of the window… we’ll look at getting this fixed up but is there any way for you to make your window larger vertically? That’ll get you the chat bar back.

I’ve made the window as large as I can on my laptop (13inch). When I connect to an external monitor (not often an option), I can extend the window and regain the chat bar.

Try pressing TAB key until the browser gives you focus on the chat bar. The window will be pushed down accordingly. Continue pressing tab to return to the previous state.

Just a quick thought:

Another workaround might be to move the chat text input field further up by pressing ctrl± (ctrl+minus; cmd+minus on a OS X)… but of course everything will be smaller then.