Non Admins starting tournaments

I have a group where non-admins are starting tournaments. How do I put a stop to that? How can I limit who can create a tournament in my group?

im not 100%, but as far as i am aware you cant prevent group members from starting their own tournaments, that is appeciated. you can only ask them not to or make the whole group private so you can select who youll admit to the group in the first place.
someone correct me if i missed that option :).

whats the problem with people creating tournaments anyway?

Our group creates a lot of tournaments, and we have system for keeping track of them. The group exists for a particular purpose and if random tournaments start popping up, it gets confusing. For instance, our tournaments are typically monthly, correspondence style and for members only so that playing in the tournaments builds the group. And we can try to create a sense of community in the group. The random tournaments have been of a completely different format than what we typically do. Why do members need to be able to create tournaments in our group? At least without an admin seeing it first and approving it? The whole point of creating a group is to curate a community. The main way this is done here is tournaments. What’s the point of being an admin if there isn’t some control over what’s going on?

I see why this is a problem for tracking the games of your members. It wouldnt seem a big deal to add an option to limit the cration of tournaments to admins (or give more control to them in general).

the way groups are now, they require a lot less work from admins and rely on the members to create their own fun. that often doesnt work out.