Noob looking for teacher(s)

Hello there, if a single digit kyu, or low double digit, wants to play some games with me and help me correct some mistakes I’d be delighted.

Or if another noob wants to play unranked games with no pressure.

Or if anyone has a special tip/ressource they used to get better at this fun but difficult game.

I created my account a coule days ago after watching videos about life and death and eyes, the basics, and was surprised to get ranked as high as 19 kyu at some point, the next day after 4 defeats I am closer to where I belong at 25 kyu but a bit depressed :smiley:

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Your experience is very short yet. There are no special shortcuts or tricks besides telling you: play, play and play!
You shouldn’t get depressed with a rating yet, only you can be if you find nobody to play with you (which should be very surprising here at least ) :slight_smile:

That’s true, but often I don’t know what my mistakes were and that’ frustrating :slight_smile:

Are you French by any chance ?

I’m living in Yunnan-China if you search someone to play with stones and a board; if this is the case, you can check the French go federation website to meet players near you.

For failures, short reviews after the game with your opponent is a must (whatever his level), even if they are a bit less common on internet as in real life.
Well as long as you don’t get headache.

The thing is that usually there are many things to discover first a bit by yourself (like seeing when a group is in Atari, Ladders and net, closing boundaries…) Which you need to practice before going a bit more far in tactics and strategies.

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Hi, I’d be happy to play a game with you ! I can play live tonight or correspondance any time :slight_smile:


I’d love that, added you as a friend feel free to message me whenever Im online and you feel like playing !

Yeah, Im in Belgium and it seems the go community is tiny, but you’re right that many basic istakes do become apparent just by playing anyone

Invite moi en ami pour faire quelques parties (je débute aussi)

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You are well placed to find many go teachers this summer!

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