Noob scoring Q

What happens when you play this out (wrt the bottom right corner)? White to move.


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It already is played out. Neither player wants to add a move. This is called seki - mutual life. All stones are alive.

See also: Seki at Sensei's Library


Oh, thank you. So to be clear, how are H3, F1, and J1 to be split up for scoring between the players?

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F1 and J1 aren’t points for anyone.

In Japanese rules J3 also isn’t a point for anyone. No points in seki in japanese rules.

In Chinese rules J3 should be a point for black, as that intersection is only surrounded by black. (Hope I didn’t get this wrong, because it’s sort of a ‘false eye’, but I don’t think that’s relevant.)


Chinese rules apply here.

if fake eye is unbeatable, it is point in Chinese rules. It doesn’t matter why its unbeatable.


Chinese rules
You put away black prisoners in the white territory. No use of them.

Then black has
14 points (emptyness)
23 stones.

That’s a final score of 37, less as half the board so loss. (9x9/2). Komi would add a few points (5.5/2) to white, compensation for not starting, so even worse here for black.