Not Allowed to Access This Game

When I view the OGS web app, if I’m already logged in and returning to my home page, I get a “Not Allowed to Access This Game” error, and ONE of the three correspondence games I’m playing fails to load. This appears to be a problem with my session, not that specific game as this has happened before.

I have to manually log out, and re-enter my login credentials in order to see the missing game.

ALTERNATIVELY, if I log in with any other linked account (e.g. google or Facebook), I get the error straight away and I must log in with my credentials instead to see all my games.

I did recently delete an older account of mine associated with my Facebook account and reconnect my Facebook and Google accounts to this new one; could that be causing this behavior?

I have the same problem after the tutorials when I try to play against a computer.

I think the problem is that I started a correspondence match against the computer, with weekends skipped. I received an email to make my first move today.