Not Enough Likes

I have been a part of several Discourse forums and they all have the same issue: new users don’t get enough likes. Today is my first day here and I am already almost out of likes after reading just a few threads. I know this is a Discourse problem, but maybe some of you feel the same way.

It’s a weird thing. Being new to a forum means you need more likes, because there’s so much content to read for the first time.


There are some discussions about Not Enough Likes on Discourse.

Personally I don’t experience the daily limit of likes as a problem.
I don’t use likes often. In my humble opinion: too much likes devaluate the value of a like.


While it’s annoying to run out of likes, I imagine the Discourse devs decided to include stricter like limits for new users in order to quell trolls. Users get notifications each time a post is liked, so without the limits in place a troll could, in theory, create a new account and just spam notifications by liking a ton of random posts.

By the way (and slightly off topic), I like the username. Stormlight Archives?


FWIW, users have the power to turn this off.