Not possible to use FF password manager for login at OGS

Bug: The Firefox password manager seemingly doesn’t recognize the login textboxes on the OGS startpage as a login. Therefore, my login credentials are not automatically stred and put in which makes the sign-in process quite a hassle.

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I was just looking at this yesterday… the problem is the browsers don’t like to remember passwords when they aren’t submitted through forms, so trying to figure out if we can get the browsers to do this without having to do a big form submit :frowning:

Any advancement on this? Otherwise this bug will encourage selection of poor passwords.

I’ve found a workaround. You can install this add-on [1], navigate to the login page, fill out the fields, then go to Tools > Saved Passwords, then create a new username/password pair. This is then saved in Firefox’s password manager.


AFAIK Firefox requires a submit button being pressed, but not an actual form submit.

You can kill the submit itself with javascript fairly easily, but pressing that submit button is what firefox looks for to save credentials.

Turning the “login” into a “submit” button (rather than normal button), remove ng-click from it, and then something like:

$( "form[name=login-form]" ).submit(function( event ) {  

in Jquery or

<form name="login-form" ng-submit="login()">

in AngularJS (not so sure if this, but I know it is possible).

In theory that would work.

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