Not receiving e-mail notifications


Hello, I just timed out of a few games due to not receiving e-mail notifications.

They are not in my spam box, and I haven’t changed anything to do with my e-mail delivery lately.

Has anyone else (not) seen mail notifications go missing lately?


Hello, unfortunately I am not much sure what to suggest. Similar issue seems to come up every few months, but AFAIK we never discovered something wrong with the system.

  • sometimes it’s in spam,
  • sometimes it’s because of a forgotten open tab on mobile or somewhere (we do not send notifications if you are detected online)
  • and sometimes people try everytihng and nothing helps or it resolves itslef somehow…

As far as I know there was no change done recently that could impact e-mails and there does not seem to be other complaints so far, so I dunno. If you want you can try changing and re-connecting your address (PM me if you want help with that), or uncheck and check the settings again, log off, log in again… But that’s about all that comes to mind, sorry to not be of much help.


Hm, I’d make “always receive email notification” a (default) option.

I imagine it’s easy to stay logged in somewhere and forget the time. :frowning:


Darnit, forgot again and timed out of a bunch of games again. I second smurph’s suggestion.

In the meanwhile I’ll disable the mail notifications altogether and just start checking the site daily instead.