Not receiving e-mail notifications

Hello, I just timed out of a few games due to not receiving e-mail notifications.

They are not in my spam box, and I haven’t changed anything to do with my e-mail delivery lately.

Has anyone else (not) seen mail notifications go missing lately?

Hello, unfortunately I am not much sure what to suggest. Similar issue seems to come up every few months, but AFAIK we never discovered something wrong with the system.

  • sometimes it’s in spam,
  • sometimes it’s because of a forgotten open tab on mobile or somewhere (we do not send notifications if you are detected online)
  • and sometimes people try everytihng and nothing helps or it resolves itslef somehow…

As far as I know there was no change done recently that could impact e-mails and there does not seem to be other complaints so far, so I dunno. If you want you can try changing and re-connecting your address (PM me if you want help with that), or uncheck and check the settings again, log off, log in again… But that’s about all that comes to mind, sorry to not be of much help.

Hm, I’d make “always receive email notification” a (default) option.

I imagine it’s easy to stay logged in somewhere and forget the time. :frowning:

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Darnit, forgot again and timed out of a bunch of games again. I second smurph’s suggestion.

In the meanwhile I’ll disable the mail notifications altogether and just start checking the site daily instead.

I have managed to get along without mail notifications for a while, but this week I was a bit busy and managed to time out again. If it’s not possible to figure out why the site always believes I’m active, would it be possible to make “you are about to time out” mails to be sent unconditionally?

There is an off chance that one of the devices that you do use has issues with the browser data. A phone or computer which is always online and often has a browser open, might result in the browser keeping you online at a specific site. To ensure this isn’t happening, in any browser that you use to access the website, clear all data related to the site and your browser cache. You will know you cleared it right when you have to log back in but never logged out in the first place. It is a long shot but we’re shooting in the dark here, so… :thinking:

I’ve tried that a couple of times spread out over several months since it was first suggested.

I have been having the same problem, I randomly don’t receive notifications.

I have noticed it happens more often when my clock says “weekend”. I’m not sure how it works, since even during the weekends both me and my opponents make moves in our games. I will log in sometime on Friday, play a move and then log in on Sunday and see my opponent has also played and it’s my turn. But I never got a notification.

It also happens during the week, maybe I paid more attention on Sunday because I’m not at work.

I brought my issue up again over there, and it turned out it was blocked because some mails bounced back in December. Something to look into for others here with the same issue.

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In my case, the email address in my Preferences is “user-303491@e44862…” which is garbage, so naturally I’m getting no notifications. For some strange reason, I am not allowed to edit the address.

Ok, it seems that you are looking at your forums account preferences rather than your main site account settings. When asking for help on these forums, it is more effective to provide all of this information in a single post/thread. Spreading it out over multiple threads like this makes it much harder to diagnose the issue and assist.