Not recognized as a supporter

Hope this is the right place to post this: I’ve been a (small) supporter for several months.
Recently my credit card expired so I received a message saying that the payment couldn’t be made. I went and updated my credit card information. Since then my name has gone back to black, and I see the message ‘Please consider disabling the adblocker…’ on the home page, but my credit card did get charged two days ago, and when I click on ‘become a supporter’ I am informed that I am indeed a supporter.

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Is everything working as expected now? It looks to me like your name is golden and everything sorted itself out?

Thanks for the support! Sorry for whatever lag happened there :frowning:

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Everything works fine, thanks for your answer! :slight_smile:
Actually I think the problem is on my part: I never shut down my computer and I have an OGS tab always open and so I never reloaded the page. Reloading solved the issue. Sorry for not thinking of this sooner. :confused:


I was actually going to suggest this but I thought given the time frame you mentioned it might sound silly haha