Notes Option During Games?

Hi all! I’m relatively new to OGS, but figured this is the appropriate place to ask - is there any sort of note-keeping functionality for matches? I sometimes find (at least during correspondence matches) that I can lose track of the more global context in some matches if they move slowly enough.

A quick reminder when I enter via a personal note could be a great way to keep me from making a global mistake during a few local moves if we both happen to be online at the same time and play several synchronously.

Anyway, loving the site so far! TIA for any help on the idea!


From the game board, if you click on the word “chat” it will turn green and say “malkovich”

image image

Notes you type in your “malkovich log” will be visible to you and all spectators, but hidden from your opponent.

If you trust your opponent to play honestly, it is fine to keep game notes here. Though note that for important games, it is relatively trivial to open the game in a private window to “spectate” and in such a way your opponent can bypass this feature.

At the end of the game, all malkovich logs and spectator chats become visible also to the players.


Haha, that’s actually what I’ve been doing! Didn’t know if there was a different feature or anything that would’ve provided me with different capabilities, to avoid that potential issue you mentioned.

Thank you!

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That’s the only internal feature we have :slight_smile: some more dedicated people use local notes on their computer to track theories and reading for their corr games


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