Notification bug?

When I open the site, it shows a notification in the top corner. When I click the notification, it’s empty and shows nothing. If I refresh the page, it still says I have a a notification.

I get the exact same bug as well! I don’t know if it’s not showing me my notifications, or if it just always shows that.

Never happened to me, but try clicking ctrl + F5 which should (on most common browsers) refresh the page and disregard any cache.

Refreshing doesn’t work.

Yes, but there is a difference between only refreshing and refreshing with cache data disregarded… Have you tried that?

It didn’t work. The notification icon keeps trolling me. :disappointed:

@theHeat or @amusicianrs , can you post a screenshot of what you’re seeing? Also, what browsers are you using?

No, because I clicked “clear notifications”, which made it go away, but prior to that it was just an empty box that didn’t actually have any notification in it, despite the notification symbol appearing on my profile icon. It indicated “1” notification, but when I opened the notification menu there was nothing there except the clear notification button.

It seems to happen when somebody declines a game request. The “1” appears in the top corner, but the notification box itself is blank except for the “clear notifications” button.

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@theHeaT is right. I can’t take a screenshot ether because I did the same thing a couple of minutes ago when someone accepted a friend request. It went away.

But, for what it’s worth: I’m using Google Chrome.

I have this issue since The Great Updat.

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Here is a screen shot:

It was in google chrome, but the message reapearing even on the phone.